Church Sign Epic Fails, “God Likes Weed” Edition
When God gets the munchies, does he order take out, or does he just, like, *POOF* and there&#39s some pizza there? This explains the sloth. Makes me really feel surprisingly greater about eternity in heaven too…and hungry… Yeah, I&#39m fairly certain that&#39s just the …
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14th Amendment Option: Nancy Pelosi Urges Obama To &#39Just Go Do It&#39 (VIDEO)
Research by pot legalization advocates indicate that fully legalizing weed in California would yield &lta href=&quot target=&quot_hplink&quot&gtup to $ 18 billion annually&lt/a&gt for that state&#39s government alone …
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Thanks to the New York Times, You Now Know That Zosia Mamet Lately Had
She was a &quotwild&quot teenager, which can mean anything from &quotshe spent her time smoking weed and watching films in a sweet teepee she made in her dad&#39s attic&quot to &quotshe killed like forty-seven people in the 90s and had to spend a few years lying low in …
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Q&ampA: Drug crusader Gabriel Sayegh on saving funds and lives in the drug war
Q How a lot does an ounce of weed go for in NYC these days? A I think it&#39s $ 350 to $ 450 an ounce. That&#39s a lot of income. But most men and women are purchasing in nickel and dime bags, or just adequate for a blunt. People who buy more are wealthier: They&#39re receiving …
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Latest Wholesale Legal Weed News

Semi-legal marijuana in Colorado and Washington: what comes next?
Legal marijuana in Washington State is likely to be as well costly to compete on the national marketplace. But prices in Colorado may well be low sufficient to make legal cannabis from Colorado retailers competitive with illicit sellers of wholesale cannabis as a …
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Obama&#39s Dedication to Sparing &quotRecreational Users&quot of Marijuana In Colorado
… arrest, and prosecute recreational marijuana customers. But Colorado and Washington didn&#39t legalize recreational marijuana use. They set up a framework for legal marijuana cultivation, for marijuana processing, and for wholesale and retail sales of …
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Smoke signals: Legal marijuana on its way in some states
And as far as public opinion goes, a nationwide Washington Post-ABC News poll this previous month discovered that whilst a slight majority of Americans do not favor legal weed, that is due mostly to the 2-to-1 opposition of folks 65 and older. The bulk of …
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Most current Is There Legal Weed News

Legal marijuana: Mistake in the creating?
When I was younger I smoked adequate weed to get absolutely everyone in Shelbyville higher for a week,but in no way drank alcohol because it was legal and you could get it anyplace.The ones of you who feel various are the same ones who stated there would by no means be a …
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Is It Legal However? Pictures Display Farming Pot Is Fairly A lot Like Farming Anything
The neighborhood included the expected hippies still left about from the &#3960s, she says, but there were also former dot-com-ers, a lot more modern back-to-the-landers and men and women from a wide variety of backgrounds. They were all united, says Lee, by …
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Colorado, Washington Face &#39Marijuana Tourism&#39 Status
Though there were sufficient votes final week to get the law passed, the federal government is likely to place every thing they have in obtaining the it reversed. Adults more than 21 residing in both states are allowed to posses tiny amounts of marijuana for personal …
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Medical Marijuana Law Named &#39Landlord&#39s Nightmare,&#39 Owners Send Complaint
“You now have marijuana, which is illegal under federal law, in your home, and the federal government has the correct to take away house if there is any considerable connection to marijuana,” stated Schloming. “If that happens, you are tainted …
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Is my weed schwag or dank?

Article by IcePick

So you just bought some weed, and you are fairly new to this. Can you go to your buds and tell them you scored some dank? Will they laugh at you because it’s schwag? What really is the difference?

Some people just take a whiff on the baggie to see if it’s good quality. This is a good indicator – but not always. You could buy some really stinky-stinky and not really cop a good buzz. Some pinch a bud see if it’s sticky or if a seed pops out.

There is only one thing on the plant that gets you high – trichromes; without those babies – you’re not feeling a thing. You can’t see the quality of those with the naked eye. And you can’t always feel them. The only way to really know is to take a look at them under a loop.

I have yet to see a buyer pull out a jewelers loop to look at the trichromes, but the grower will look at these as the plant grows, and use them as a indicator of when to harvest. Knowing what a skilled grower is looking for will help you decide if your happy sack is schwag or dank.

The Grower

A grower who is aiming to give the patient or user a dank, superb, quality marijuana will only grow female plants. As she flowers, her flowers will ooze these trichromes. They ooze everywhere and end up on the leaf. Under a loop new trichromes are clear. They look like barbells standing on end, straight up at attention. They also look like sugar to the naked eye. That is where the name sugar-leaf came from.

As she ages, so do the trichromes. As they turn amber in color, it becomes time to harvest. This is all generalized as each strain of weed does different things in flower. Some trichromes are very sticky in nature, as others are oily. Generally if you look at your happy sack, and there are no stems seeds, and nothing but bud – you live in Colorado or California. You should always have dank.

Schwag is poor quality weed. You will find stems and seeds among brown leaf. This weed is given little care. Are started from seed. The grower only has profit in mind. They don’t care if the plant is male or female, or if they pollinate producing seeds. To them – this is only adding weight to their profit line.

When their crap crop stops growing – they start hacking them down – much like hay – and bricks them up for delivery. They don’t give any mind to drying or molding again only adding weight to their product.

Other names for schwag weed are:

Around Town BrownHippy grenadeBrickDitch weedLeafOther names for Dank weed are:Sticky icky ickySweet leafKindFine budKiller Creeper

The PriceThe other distinct the quality of your weed is by price. As the old saying goes – You get what you pay for. This is also true with dank marijuana. At discounts, you could find some real dank weed for around $ 400 ounce. Some think this price is high and they simply wouldn’t pay that much for marijuana. The other side of that argument for weed and for everything cheaper really – the schwag wont work as well and you’ll end up using more of it, which will soon outweigh what you saved by buying schwag.

You average price for and ounce of schwag is about $ 200, but will quickly go down in price by buying quantity. Now that you have your happy sack, you’ll need to take out all the nasties, and the non-smokables. When you get down you’ll quickly find the ounce of weed you bough is now only ¾ of an ounce of usable, smokable material.

The difference between the two different generalizations of weed is clear when you’ve done your homework. Always be proud of your weed. Always obtain it from a trusted local source.

Keeping knowledge alive. See many writings from me at

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Buy Mail Order Weed Online

For a free sample and more info — Currently legal, these products have not yet been banned by the FDA. Get some now while you still can. WARNING DO NOT DRIVE OR OPERATE HEAVY MACHINERY AFTER USING THESE PRODUCTS. The best selling and strongest legal buds and herbal smoking products legally available. Our legal buds and hydroponic hybrids are specially bred bud for optimal potency and are the absolute HIGHEST QUALITY LEGAL BUDS in the world.
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Legal Weed Myth

Article by Evan Gallette

Today there are so many rumors online consisting of Legal Bud. Legal Marijuana is supposed to be real marijuana without the the THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). Well there is a huge debate over people wondering if this legal bud really gets you high? Some people say yes and some people Say no, How does one know without trying it for themselves.This legal weed is all over the internet and some of these manufactures push free samples to convince the customer that it works. Plenty of these Natural Herbal Buds are flowing around online and you have tons to choose from. The most popular are Jamaican Haze, Hybrid Nuggs, Hawaiian Haze, Blueberry Hybrid Bud, Dutch Haze, and a few more. The most popular out of the 5 listed above are the Hybrid Nuggs, The Hybrid Nuggs have the highest success rate of achieving and maintain a natural high.The popularity of legal weed begin when High Times Magazine started advertising it and selling it, and yes they sold tons of it! Most of the buyers were on probation and could not risk smoking regular marijuana, If they did smoke regular marijuana they could go to jail for a long period of time so they started using legal weed as a solution to their problem.These days The Drug Enforcement Agency is trying to ban Legal Weed period. People are buying this stuff and selling it on the street disguised as Legal Marijuana and its turning into a huge mess. When a user or dealer gets caught with this stuff it cost the state alot of money to send this stuff to the lab to get it tested and also cost money to setup the court trials as well.Pretty soon all this legal bud will be banned one state at a time.Click to find out more about Legal Weed

Harvard Graduate
 NEW WEBSITE! Check It Out! December 29, 2011 Marijuana seeds for sale online,Cheap Weed seeds for sale,Pot seeds for sale. Buy feminized Cannabis marijuana seeds from Amsterdam best seed supplier. Top quality cannabis marijuana seeds from Amsterdam. High…
Video Rating: 5 / 5 Check out this link now if you want to learn more about growing weed or buy the best weed seeds available anywhere! This is where I go to buy all of my cannabis seeds 🙂 growing indoor marijuana growing kush growing marajuana plants growing marijuana a closet growing…

This entire video is of White widow strain of weed. Crystals on this bud make BC look like, well BC grade weed. By the way, I don’t grow and never will. In fact I haven’t even used weed in about 2 months. Oh, yeah and I squeezed it to show how sticky it was. Look for the strands of sticky…

Sweet island skunk, one of the skunkiest strains in existence. Smells so strong you can smell it thru your monitor, almost
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Article by Deandrea Wettstein

Whether out of wonder, leisure or necessity, Kronic legal weed, gives an alternate to pot itself that is illegal in several countries. In spite of the illegality placed on weed, quite a few folks can certainly still get and employ medical marijuana with the childhood one of the common end users underground. Nevertheless, should they could be caught as well as use, they deal with fines and punishments as slight as caution as well as dues to jail time.

Officially andMedically Protected

Legal bud tend to be 100% legitimate because they are created from a combination of natural herbal products ordinarily created for healing reasons and also synthetic compounds called cannabinoids giving consumers the high actually in search of. Some are usually cynical regarding the results of cannabinoids. Because simply no study can conclude in the effects of many cannabinoids for example JWH – 018 as well as JWH – 073 about people, you’ll find safety issues and concerns presented. Nevertheless, Expert Advisory Committee on Drugs (EACD) considered these ingredients present in Kronic to produce reduced potential of damage and as a consequence offer small menace to people’s well being in comparison with marijuana along with substances.Legislations and Monitor of Production and Dispersal

Prohibition in cannabis have sent makers along with dealers towards underground. As a result, government authorities have troubles in ending the growth of drug-related violations. Federal government guidelines such as criminalization of medical marijuana ownership didn’t work to quit the proliferation of medical marijuana in the areas. This example has directed only to intensify the events of cannabis and material dependancy in particular one of the youngsters.

Kronic, by making and releasing legal pot, indicates yet another method of guide beat the prolonged and developing dilemma of pot misuse known as harm minimization. This strategy contains offering a legitimate however confined, licensed and checked alternative to lessen the adverse effects of pot habit without looking to place a total and fast end to drug consumtion over night. Restrictions, regulations and checking are usually for manufacturers and customers. Kronic, by way of example, is seriously after tax and strictly supervised by the federal. They’re assigned to supply essential health dire warnings on their merchandise, tips and knowledge about the use of their goods to reduce potential risk of health problems that perhaps go with the application of the items. Individual age limits can also be set-up.Maker and User Liability

Kronic, and that is operating out of New Zealand, is working tightly with the Federal including the EACD and Health Ministry. Users are presented rules on the usage of many. Kronic Australia only normally takes and provides requests to spots Australia wide that permits residents to get Kronic products in the nation. Individuals lung and cardiovascular system difficulties mental illnesses and women that are pregnant are well-advised to not acquireand take in Kronic goods. Age restriction provides an R-18 limitation. Usually, smoking cigarettes legal pot for medical functions however present a threat on the healthiness of lung area. Moreover,furthermore, there are no scientific studies to note the results that go with the materials of Kronic. It’s best to stop the usage of legal pot to improve your health. Except for users, control and moderation is mandatory for an entertaining, comforting and long-lasting usage of Kronic Synthetic Legal Cannabis.

Legal Weed Uk

Weed legal to smoke in the uk and the usa.

THIS IS HOW WE ROLL …… THIS IS COLOMBIA , NOT GAY COLUMBIA.. CHECK THIS OUT HOW WE TOKE , if you like might as well suscribe or something…. Legal Weed California dope holland mary juana da ganja , sensi ,dro , hydro , nigg ,reggin , the bud, the nuggs, the budha ,shiva , sensi ,sensimilla , bong, counter culture , spiritual use cannabis, arjan , arjan ultra haze, bubble gum Budha Cheese , Big buddha , G13 , Amnesia Haze , Early Bud, Jack Herer , 420 , 4:20 , its 4/20 , GAMBLING , JACKPOT , ROYAL FLUSH , ESCALERA REAL , HEARTS , poker , poker of 4’s
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Legal marijuana substitute causes unease

So-called legal highs that mimic the effects of cannabis are being discussed by the Government’s drug advisers and could be banned in the UK. A Sky News undercover investigation has looked at the synthetic cannabis trade. “You smoke it. You know, it makes you f****d up,” explained the vendor on Camden High Street while waving a shiny package. He could have been selling marijuana. It certainly sounded like it. But he wasn’t. He was selling “spice”, a synthetic cannabinoid that mimics the effects of marijuana almost exactly and is 100% legal in Britain. It sounds innocuous enough, but experts say it packs a dangerous punch bigger than its three-gram packages suggest.
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Hippie Herb Legal Weed –

Hippie Herb Legal Weed -

Smoke Like a Hippie with Hippie Herb Legal Weed.

Herbal Highs Shop | Legal Highs | Herbal Incense Reputable Herbal Highs Shop sells Legal Highs, Herbal Incense and accessories. We are a low-priced international incense store. Happy Slump contents Leonurine, Aporphine, Apomorphine, Nucipherine and other psychoactive agents. Happy Slump is a colorful Herbal Incense blend with different legal buds and a sweet natural flavoring. Herbal Highs to burn | Legal Buds to party | Legal Smoke The great depression rules globally! What do you need now? Herbal Highs! With Legal Highs and Herbal Incense the worldwide economic crisis will become a Happy Slump! Because of current interest our natural scientist created this tasty mix of legal buds. Your depression will be gone instantly while burning the Herbal Incense Happy Slump. Herbal Incense in purple, red and yellow | Herbal Highs to smile Sweet flavors and psychoactive agents let you smile and get frivolous. It’s a Legal High to have a lot of fun with friends or to watch comedy movies. Check out Happy Slump now and fly to the cloud of happiness. The red-purple colors of this Herbal Incense fit perfectly the effects of Happy Slump. It’s a bit like good weed.
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Legal Highs | Herbal Smoking Mix | Legal Weed |

Where can I buy the Herbal Highs? At you can buy legal hash & weed alternatives. Our online shop for legal highs offers just selected herbal incense. We don’t have lots of colorful packages with weird mixtures of senseless ingredients. The low-priced lupu hash is one…
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PURPLE URKEL Marijuana Seeds & Clones Online How Weed Won the West PURPLE URKEL SEEDS & CLONES WE HAVE THE BEST PURPLE URKEL CLONES AND SEEDS! In the follow-up to his ground-breaking documentary ‘American Drug War,’ filmmaker Kevin Booth traces the fight against Federal drug regulation in the State of California. A public majority has spoken and said yes to states rights, allowing for the use of medicinal marijuana and opening up a new front in controversial medicinal ‘dispensaries.’ While users herald the freedom of legally-licensed “weed,” powerful forces at the DEA and law enforcement haven’t given up their federal enforcement power yet. Many dispensaries have been raided, targeting their distribution of marijuana and challenging their authority to rise into legitimate business. In the backdrop of this public dispute is the Dark Alliance– where governments handle the volume of drug trafficking and work with cartels and drug dealers to manage the drug flow. Just like the prohibition of alcohol, drugs have thrived on their illicit appeal, and doomed millions of non-violent offenders to incarceration and prosecution. Now, those swearing by the healing power of medicinal marijuana as well as those who simply refuse to be outlawed by a hypocritical rogue government are daring to stand up and declare that the violence, corruption and uncontrolled flow of drugs is due to the prohibition of the substance, not the substance itself. Big Pharma has put millions of non-“drug” users on hallucinogenic prescription drugs
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Best Weed by Bubba Kush – Top 10 Best Weed Strains – Cannabis Cup Winners – Presented by Bubba Kush
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Lyrics: Smokin Smokin Weed Havin a party (Bring the weed) I’ma invite her I got my lighter (Got a blunt) I’m gettin higher Smokin smokin weed [Snoop:] Jumped out my bed and I head downstairs Wiped the boogers out my eyes Put some braids in my hair Grabbed my favorite toothbrush And then some crest Rinse my mouth out Now I’m ready for the rest Break it down, roll it up Pass if you had enough You with the big boss dogg So gon and puff puff Real talk Can u still walk Have a seat Have a drink Now rest your feet See that’s the problem You think that you can go with me Smokin cest your whole life Now you wanna blow wit me Go to the store with me And get some swishy sweet And grab a bite to eat Before you fall out I’ma ball out And everday We gon smoke until we all out And that’s a promise cuz We got the bombest bud And you can ask Ray J He know what time it was (Smokin smokin weed) In the cadillac With my head back Feelin real good Cuz it’s like that Another 20 sac We got plenty that We keep doin that Smokin smokin weed (la la la la la la la…) Smokin on these trees keeps me at ease With these Crazy things I see Smokin on these trees keeps me iit seems And I dont just where I’d be Smokin Weed! [Chorus:] Smokin Smokin Weed Havin a party (Bring the weed) I’ma invite her I got my lighter (Got a blunt) I’m gettin higher Wish you would pass it (guess i’ll wait) I’m right beside her I got an ashtray (at my place) Where did my pipe go? [Shortymack:] So what you got nigga? (knockout

Legal Weed

Email me for pricing for amounts at or message me here on youtube. For payments i use paypal.

Nice Legal Bud Weed photos

A few nice legal bud weed images I found:

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