Spice smoking incidents imperil sailors, ships

smoking spice effects
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it’s not all about whisky… we just happened to be in the neighbourhood.

a sample of today’s selection, from left to right (description from the Society website):

Fisherman’s Friends in a bakery
Cask No. 39.69

The nose was deep and heady; pineapple and other exotic fruits balanced by oak, aniseed and menthol. One Panellist, eyes closed, imagined a bakery (shortbread, meringues, vanilla and cakes). The natural strength flavour was full, lively and warm, waxy and mouth-coating, with maple syrup and butterscotch developing into the numbing effect of Fisherman’s Friends. The reduced nose seemed more complex; leafy and floral, like forests and blossoms, with dark grapes, liquorice and candy floss.We found the reduced palate wonderfully balanced – barley sugar sweetness with a dry tannic finish. Enormously complex. The distillery is on the eastern edge of Elgin.

Drinking tip: A gorgeous sippin’ whisky – probably best suited to social situations
Colour: Shimmering, sexy, stolen gold
Date distilled: October 1982
Cask: Refill hogshead
Alcohol: 55.8%
Age: 26 years
Outturn: 210 bottles


Dignified and gentlemanly
Cask No. 64.18

A gloriously enticing nose had the Panel oozing delight. This full-bodied dram had burnt toast with honey, spiced pear with cinnamon and caramelised almonds at the German market with subtle Christmas spices in the air. Unreduced, it tasted wonderfully smooth, woody and dry with a long, long finish and complex aftertaste. ‘Smooth, creamy, smoky – all there’ said the Geordie blender. Clearly his sort of dram. Water brought nothing new to the party, neither on the nose nor the taste, although it was still well-integrated, dignified, gentlemanly. From an unsung distillery, home of the (in)famous Loch Dhu.

Drinking tip: For a moment of quiet contemplation
Colour: Winter sun
Date distilled: December 1984
Cask: Refill butt
Alcohol: 56.3%
Age: 24 years
Outturn: 481 bottles


Black bullets in a posh library
Cask No. 26.61

We found this softly fragrant and not very typical of the make. The nose suggested boiled sweets in a posh library, with sweet fruitiness, beeswax polish, leather and vellum-bound old books. The palate was beautifully sweet and mellow but with some gravitas; lavender, heather, dry smoke, mint and treacle – “Jesmona Black Bullets!” our Geordie blender insisted. The reduced nose had delicate hints of rock samphire and lovage, with wax candles and watchmaker’s oil. The taste, beautifully complex, had sea-salt, crisp freshness and cinnamon spice, with wood and treacle in the finish. The distillery was built in Brora in 1967.

Drinking tip: For laid back, leisurely Sunday afternoons
Colour: Gold leaf
Date distilled: May 1983
Cask: Refill hogshead
Alcohol: 55.0%
Age: 25 years
Outturn: 101 bottles


A jewellery box on the Titanic
Cask No. 27.73

The nose sent us scurrying off in different directions – a female Panellist declared an old jewellery box, while some others found harbours and docksides (with seaweed and crabs) “Like driving onto a ferry” said one. The unreduced palate was fundamentally sweet with prunes and fruity jam, some wax and a salty finish. Adding water divided us again – one nosed sultanas and paint, another vanilla custard powder, while one Panellist got nostalgic about a rabbit cage! The reduced palate had gentle sweetness (puff candy and cocoa) and quality all the way through. It is the best known of the Campbeltown malts.

Colour: Misty Campbeltown sunrise
Date distilled: May 1996
Cask: Refill hogshead
Alcohol: 55.5%
Age: 12 years
Outturn: 297 bottles

Spice smoking incidents imperil sailors, ships
The Navy is trying to put out another message as well: Sailors who smoke spice can have far-reaching effects on the service. OS1 Stevens, on Crommelin, describes the “huge hit” his division took after spice use on his ship was discovered and the guilty …
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Our Take: Smoking spice
So if you are going to smoke an illicit substance, why would you smoke one that yields graver health effects and even possible death? Before the legal and medical studies came to light, spice was a craftier alternative to getting high on marijuana. But …
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Cool Legal Spice Smoke images

A few nice legal spice smoke images I found:

FrogE Magic Plant Food
legal spice smoke
Image by 666isMONEY ☮ ♥ & ☠
Friend said FrogE was mimic cocaine but a little research makes me think this stuff is Mephedrone, a mimic Ecstacy hence, the "E" in "Frog E".

Here’s a link to a drug forum about Mephedrone. Someone at this forum (Part One) describes Mephedrone: "I sort of think off [sic] it as the Cocaine version of MDMA."

FROM READING THE FORUMS, IT SOUNDS LIKE REALLY BAD STUFF, ESPECIALLY IF U HAVE A BAD HEART. Another person at the forum says, "It’s still SatanSpunk an y’all are gonna die painfully in about five years from now ;)"

Here’s what it says on the back:

FrogE is formulated as a soil conditioner designed to enhance your plant’s health and happiness.

Empty or dissolve one capsule in one-half cup of water and gently feed your plant.



Must Be 18 To Purchase


Abuse of this product can be harmful.

FrogE is Distributed By The LifeSmart Products Co., Los Angeles, CA 90016


The friend knows I have an interest in things like this gave me the empty package, which he said contained another package inside. The person who gave it to him can not use illegal drugs because he needs to "drop" at the P.O.. They sell FrogE at headshops.

The same company that makes this product also makes "Spice," a synthetic marijuana.


Methylenedioxypyrovalerone or MDPV is sold as "Bath Salts". Media warnings and law enforcement officials refer to it as a "dangerous but illegal designer drug", "copy-cat cocaine", "the devil", "poison", and "synthetic speed".

Here’s more info from the federal government on these type products:

Here’s a story about it on a criminal defense website that uses my pic:


The owner of a south side smoke shop was arrested on suspicion of selling a synthetic pot banned by the state legislature, police said Thursday.

Richard Gurule, owner of “Just Ta Dream” smoke shop, 4609 S. 12th Ave., is facing two counts of dangerous drug sales after police say sold synthetic marijuana, also known as “spice” or “K2,” according to a Tucson Police Department news release. Police say they found packets of the drug while serving a search warrant at the smoke shop following a tip the product was being sold there.

Read more: azstarnet.com/news/local/crime/article_6e025ed4-5bf6-11e0…


October 22, 2011
D.E.A. Bans Chemicals Used in ‘Bath Salts’
The Drug Enforcement Administration took emergency action on Friday to ban three synthetic stimulants used to make products that are marketed at head shops and on the Web as “bath salts,” but are actually used as recreational drugs that mimic the effects of cocaine, LSD and methamphetamine.

The emergency measure places these substances — mephedrone, methylenedioxypyrovalerone (MDPV) and methylone — under the D.E.A.’s most restrictive category for at least a year, while they study whether they should be permanently banned. This classification is reserved for substances with high potential for abuse and no accepted use under medical supervision.

Read more: www.nytimes.com/2011/10/22/us/dea-bans-chemicals-used-in-…

popular eating location
legal spice smoke
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from bajalife.com:

Puerto Nuevo-style lobster has been a phenomenon since 1956, when several women in the tiny fishing village south of Rosarito started dropping fresh lobsters into pots of bubbling oil and serving them to a few outsiders.

Last year, the still-small-but-now-bustling Puerto Nuevo served more than 672,000 deep-fried California rock lobsters.

Dozens of restaurants in Rosarito and the surrounding area served more. More than 250 tons of the bottom-crawling crustaceans are pulled from Baja California waters each year just to feed the frenzy of lobster-loving tourists. Hundreds of additional tons are shipped in from elsewhere between mid-February and mid-September, when harvesting Baja California lobster is illegal.

Today, Puerto Nuevo boasts more than 35 side-by-side restaurants that all sell the same thing — fried lobster, beans, rice, flour tortillas, chips and salsa. To the uninitiated, confusion reigns. We’ll tell you which spots are the best, but first, a few insider tips:

Fresh vs. frozen: Most of the larger, more popular restaurants are owned or controlled by two families. This gives them the volume and ability to import live lobster from Baja California Sur and from as far away as Cancun during the months when local lobster is out of season. Smaller mom-and-pop operations are often forced to serve frozen lobster during this period. All of the restaurants we recommend serve fresh lobster year-round.
Choosing a lobster: The most tender legal lobster is the medium size, weighing from 1 to 1* pounds. Restaurant owners will admit that anything over this is tough. While very small lobsters, often called "slippers," are delicious and extremely tender, they are illegal to catch, sell or serve at any time of year.

Price: The larger, long-standing restaurants run very close in price for basic lobster dinners: about to for a full meal with a medium lobster; for a large lobster; for the extra-large "burro," which can weigh up to four pounds. The smaller restaurants have less overhead, less staff, offer fewer choices and thus can compete hard in price. But, ask the right questions before committing. If a sign outside shows " SHRIMP – ALL YOU CAN EAT," ask if that means all the shrimp you can eat or all the side dishes. If a restaurant offers five lobster tails, ask to see the size.
Just say no: Usually, you’ll be shown a tray with three different lobster sizes to choose from. The enormous "burro," grande or extra-large may look tempting, but don’t order it. According to Puerto Nuevo chefs, lobsters this large are tough and best suited for Lobster salad.

Spice it up: Ask for spicy molcajete sauce rather than the bland tomato salsa.

Side dishes: Salsa, chips, tortillas, rice and beans are all in the all-you-can-eatcategory. Don’t be afraid to ask for more of any of these, especially fresh, hot tortillas. Nobody eats flour tortillas in a restaurant once they’ve gotten cold. Before you go

Credit Cards: Not all Puerto Nuevo restaurants take credit cards. Best to bring cash or ask before you order.

Reservations: Most Puerto Nuevo restaurants do not take reservations directly, but the Rosarito Convention and Visitors Bureau (011-52-661-612-0396) is happy to make calls on your behalf.

Hours: Most restaurants are open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. weekdays, winter and summer, and until 10 p.m on Friday and Saturday. A few restaurants stay open until 11:30 p.m. on summer weekends.

Getting there: Puerto Nuevo is a clearly marked village on the Old Road, 10 minutes south of downtown Rosarito. Take the Rosarito-Ensenada toll road to the Puerto Nuevo turnoff at kilometer 49. Turn left onto the Old Road and continue south a short distance to the village, which will be on your right. It is exactly 10 miles from Rosarito’s southern toll gate.

Pride of Puerto Nuevo: the best spots
The most popular restaurants in Puerto Nuevo are La Casa de Langosta, Puerto Nuevo I and II, La Escondida and Ortega’s Manuel’s. Sandra’s also is a favorite with locals, and Ortega’s Patio and the Lobster House rate a visit as well. All are winners when it comes to a great lobster dinner and are all competitively priced. Here are other considerations to help narrow your choices:

Best Menu: La Casa de Langosta. With everything from lobster burritos to lobster omelets for breakfast, this broad menu also includes steamed lobster with wine, lobster thermidor and several creative combo plates like the Seafood Combination, which features calamari, fish and lobster. You’ll also find oysters Rockefeller, along with Seven Seas soup.

Best Food: Puerto Nuevo II. Chef Enrique Murillo loves to cook, and his appetizers are as good as his lobster. Depending on the availability of fresh ingredients, they include smoked marlin with capers and chile chipotle, steamed baby clams in butter and parsley sauce, awesome octopus loaded with garlic and butter and perhaps the best mussels on the Gold Coast.

Best Atmosphere: Ortega’s Patio. The upper deck of this smaller restaurant is the\ prettiest, most charming place in Puerto Nuevo, with billowing blankets strung for shade and bougainvillea blooming all around. A nice slice of sea view and good people-watching on the main street below add to the casual atmosphere.

Best View: The Lobster House. It’s the only major restaurant on the dirt street closest to the ocean, and the upper deck here has the only unobstructed, 180-degree ocean view in the village. On a warm, sunny day, this is a splendid place to be. On windy, cool days opt for the first-floor dining room.

Best Value: The Lobster House. With almost the same menu as La Casa de Langosta (and the same ownership), this restaurant usually charges .50 to less per meal for the same size portions. The Lobster House is relatively new and has been building business with competitive pricing.

Best Wine List: La Casa de Langosta and The Lobster House. You’ll find a full selection of Baja’s top wines, including L.A. Cetto, Santo Tomas and Casa Domecq at both places. Good choices with lobster are Santo Tomas’ Blanco Seco, Cetto’s Fume Blanc and any of the Baja wineries’ Chardonnays.

Best Wait Staff: Puerto Nuevo II.

Most Kid-Friendly: Ortega’s Patio and Puerto Nuevo II.

Getting around: Puerto Nuevo is only three blocks deep. Puerto Nuevo I and II, La Casa de Langosta and La Escondida are all on the left, in that order, as you enter and head toward the sea. Ortega’s Patio and Ortega’s Manuel’s are both on the right, closest to the ocean. Sandra’s is on the second side street to the left, around the corner from Puerto Nuevo II. The Lobster House is the last restaurant to the left, on the dirt road fronting the ocean.

Spice Products and Synthetic Cannabinoids

**UPDATE 7/5/2010** Check me out in the Dallas Morning News! I was on the front page in an article about this subject, though it wasn’t exactly the article I’d envisioned, oh well it also got me an offer to be in a radio interview on a major FM radio station in DFW! www.dallasnews.com ^^Note the Erowid.org T-Shirt! Recently several research chemicals were found in packages of “Spice Gold.” This confirmed suspicions that Spice was not “all natural” as it claimed to be. Some people say what they did was unethical, others say it was brave, either way it was certainly genius. Check out Spice on Erowid: www.erowid.org

completely legal for now does not come up in urine i smoke it cuz i need a job ni need 2 be clean.

Buy K2 Spice Online, Legal Weed, Legal Bud

Buy K2 Spice Online, Legal Weed, Legal Bud

Don’t Trust E-Bay! I’ve been ripped off by people on e-bay. We Sell Spice guaranteed to be potent and have great flavor. Check our forum. www.indecypher.com

www.wholesalespiceincense.com This is a promotional video herbal incense. Get your free sample of a herbal incense blend similar to spice gold K2 from a wholesale distributor in Canada today. There are only about 1000 samples going out so don’t wait a get yours. wholesalespiceincense has exceptional blends that will become world renown very shortly. We have been creating herbal blends for many years and we have perfected them. We use an assortment of exotic herbs from all corners of the globe many of whose history has been lost throughout the ages. Rare herbs like egyptian blue lotus, sceletium, damiana, wild lettuce, densiflora, pau d’arco, calea, passiflora, gotu kola and more in a special blend unmatched by any other incense brand in the world. We take pride in being able to say we only use the highest quality organic ingredients whose quality is unmatched, bar none. If you’ve never tried any of our blends before we offer a free sample pack just pay 1.20 $ for shipping. We guarantee our blends only use the highest quality ingredients and you will be hard pressed to find a better price. We offer bulk wholesale pricing for everyone no matter how small you buy. That’s just one reason we are the better choice.This is herbal incense and should not be considered a legal bud replacement. All herbal ingredients are natural and legal and are not intended for human consumption. By purchasing incense from us you get the benefit of distributor prices at the retail purchase level

Super Kush Spice K2 Potpourri Legal Weed Smokers Review Number 2

I made a review on the Demon potpourri blend that you can legally buy and smoke. The video went over quiet well so I decided on doing this video on the other kind of spice or K2 or what ever you want to call it. Its called Super Kush and just like Demon its sold and 1.5 and 3.5 gram bags as incense or potpourri. It is just as strong as the demon. So listen to my warning for real if you dont smoke alot take caution with this stuff its very strong.

An incense like k2 or pep spice. It contains jwh-073 and jwh-250
Video Rating: 3 / 5

“KILL EVERYBODY” – US ARMY SPECIALIST DARRELL ANDERSON EXPOSES US POLICY “I joined in ’03,” ’cause I was broke, I needed money, but I was a young American kid, I wanted to fight in a war. I joined up. [A] month out of training I arrived in Baghdad, Iraq, January ’04. Saddam’s been captured. And I get there and the guys I’m serving with have been there for six months already; they were there in ’03. And I go, “Well, you know what, I think it’s come out that, you know, these people had nothing to do with 9/11, there was no Iraqi on those planes. We can see around here there’s no Al Qaida, there’s no terrorist syndicates in Baghdad, or Iraq. Saddam had stamped ’em out.” And I asked my buddies, “Well, you know, we’re here to find ‘weapons of mass destruction’.” And they laughed at me. And I said, “Well, you know, we’re here to ‘help the people.'” And they laughed at me. And I said, “What’s our mission? What’s our goal?”…They’re like, “All we’re trying to do is make it home alive…” Anderson describes the escalation of violence against unarmed civilians: “In April, they told us, “In a crowded area, if one person shoots at you, kill everybody.” Anderson explains the rationale from the officers: “They [members of the crowd of people] are letting them [the person or persons firing at the US military] attack you. They’re no longer innocent if they’re there at the time of the crime…” (9/11 conference, Chandler AZ Feb 23-25, 2007) 911TV.org / snowshoefilms post-production/ 9:46

spice (fake legal weed) underattack in UTAH

why dont they do this with alcohol? they should go ask all gas stations to not sell beer and cigarettes and what about wd-40, aerosol and cleaning chemicals that stores sell that get people high? the hypocrites that people can go home drink beer and beat there wife and kids but heaven for bid that someone on spice gets high and enjoys it. They dont like not being in not in control of are lives and that we can use it and not get in trouble by them. I doubt there will be an underground sell as big as real weed but it could still be around for those who want to fell this high and go to work for the drug test. I cant wait until California legalizes cannabis so I can just get away from this bull shit. come on people I dont see people being arrested for playing sports because they might get harmed or harm other in the game. hell if someone threatens to kill you that is not enough to get arrested. They first have to kill you in order to get arrested. but it is totally backwards here with spice at least they are trying to make it that way.
Video Rating: 3 / 5