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Semi-legal marijuana in Colorado and Washington: what comes next?
Legal marijuana in Washington State is likely to be as well costly to compete on the national marketplace. But prices in Colorado may well be low sufficient to make legal cannabis from Colorado retailers competitive with illicit sellers of wholesale cannabis as a …
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Obama&#39s Dedication to Sparing &quotRecreational Users&quot of Marijuana In Colorado
… arrest, and prosecute recreational marijuana customers. But Colorado and Washington didn&#39t legalize recreational marijuana use. They set up a framework for legal marijuana cultivation, for marijuana processing, and for wholesale and retail sales of …
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Smoke signals: Legal marijuana on its way in some states
And as far as public opinion goes, a nationwide Washington Post-ABC News poll this previous month discovered that whilst a slight majority of Americans do not favor legal weed, that is due mostly to the 2-to-1 opposition of folks 65 and older. The bulk of …
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With a Year Left on His Contract, Here's Who Could Replace Bud Selig
But, if you're going to talk about who the next commissioner of baseball is going to be at the end of next season, comments aside, you still have to say Bud Selig is at the top of that list. He is now the longest tenured commissioner in history behind …
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RI repeals law that made it a crime to fib online
But state lawmakers have now decided that white lies online should no longer be a crime. The General Assembly voted this month to repeal an obscure 1989 law that made fibbing on the Internet a misdemeanor punishable by fines of up to $ 500 and as much …
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'Can ban' slows tourism in New Braunfels
… on the popular Guadalupe River that is stirring frustration and confusion.So, just to clear things up: Boozing while tubing is still legal. … 2011 Texas Associated Press Managing Editors Best Online Newspaper. Join Now! | Login · Forgot Password …

Anheuser-Busch Encourages Responsible Drinking
Online Video: VideoDaily · VidBlog · Video Insider · Video Critique … The pledge is three-fold in that it asks users to respect the legal drinking age, enjoy responsibly and know when to say when and be or use a designated driver. … Other Anheuser …
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How are we doing on our future?
Thumbs Down/Up: I heard that some grant funding was no longer available for the annual Camp Evergreen. Sponsored by Klamath Hospice, Camp Evergreen is a free camping experience for children 8 through 16 who have faced the death of a loved one.
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N.J. Senate passes tougher driver-cellphone bill
Not saying that they cause any more accidents then the idiots who feel it necessary to fail to use speaker phone or an ear bud (love my Bluetooth) but…..seems like the rules should be enforced across the board. — 77volks. Sign in to … We've made …
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Craig LaBan's Shore Dining: Restaurants at the Revel
And there are dishes here I'd like to try some day that you just don't find on most steak house menus, like the hiramasa tartare with the numbing buds known as sechuan buttons, or bone marrow with snails. The baked BBQ oysters topped with a tangy dark …
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Mystics-Sparks Preview
… #24 Kobe Bryant Purple Net Player T-shirt. adidas Orlando Magic #12 Dwight Howard Black Net Player T-shirt … Astros place RHP Bud Norris on disabled list …

Thousands Take To Streets In Silence Against Stop & Frisk
All bloombag is going to do is use his magic business calculator and cook the … Preferably, stop harrassing innocent Black ad Brown people or if you can't then … If there were unlimited booze and bud I don't think much murder would happen.
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40 years after Watergate, scandal full of what-ifs still captivates
'Magic Mike' puts a twist on gender stereotypes with its story of male strippers …. Following the money trail led investigators to the truth and began a legal war … Egil (Bud) Krogh Jr., who led the so-called White House plumbers unit and did …
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Medical marijuana prices plunge in California
Purportedly legal medical cultivators are fleeing to the black market. So much cheap weed is getting dumped in the college town of Arcata, some local dispensaries say business is down 75 percent. Even the region's itinerant and colorful bud trimmers …
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Beer battle between wholesalers, brewers
Lindsay Peel stocks up for an upcoming party with a case of Bud Light at Randall's Wines & Spirits on Thursday, May 3, 2012, in St. Louis. Photo by Laurie Skrivan, There's a rumble brewing over how you get your beer.

California's marijuana industry takes a hit
Purportedly legal medical cultivators are fleeing to the black market. So much cheap weed is getting dumped in the college town of Arcata, some local dispensaries say business is down 75 percent. Even the region's itinerant and colorful bud trimmers …
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MARK HOLMBERG: Sheriff to lawmakers “Bring it on”
“Hey, these entities can come after me all they want,” Anderson said Thursday. “You know, I'm in your face. I'm here, 250 pounds, ex-Vietnam veteran. Bring it on. Bring . . . it . . . on.” The General Assembly approved a budget provision that could …
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Law Schools Face Shrinking Applicant Pool
By PATRICK R. LINSEY When it comes to law schools and competition, you think about “The Paper Chase,” the moot court argument, the grading curve. But in recent years, with fewer students applying to law schools nationwide, some of the fiercest …
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These bear paws were seized from an Asian market in Brooklyn last year (Source
It's still legal for hunters in New York to sell bear parts for use in Asian medicine and cooking, but the trade will be much more closely monitored. When you drive through Keene, it's hard to imagine that this tiny mountain town is part of a trade …
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Judge revives Viacom copyright suit against YouTube
Ironically, the ruling, which revives the 2007 legal conflict, comes in the same week that YouTube announced an online movie distribution agreement with Viacom-owned Paramount Pictures. That deal, which allows YouTube users to rent and watch Paramount …
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Rights advocates cautious as Burma votes
''Prematurely scrapping sanctions and blindly pursing engagement for humanitarian assistance and foreign investment in the absence of a functioning legal framework could derail the fragile gains of the past year.'' Western countries have signalled they …
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George Zimmerman to plead not guilty to second-degree murder in Trayvon Martin
Not a good situation but Zimmerman is innocent of murder, period. The threats of total riots if he isn't convicted are very disturbing but not unexpected from the "he's gotta be guilty" crowd. We'll see if they can find him to even stand trial now .
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'Master growers' cultivating a higher grade of marijuana
His problem is that OG Kush, the ultra-popular strain he specializes in, produces notoriously low yields of bud per plant. For this reason the scientist has come with a nutrient solution made from deep-sea algae, which he promises will boost the output …
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New Marijuana Strain Eases Pain Without the High
The place runs with impressive efficiency, with plants moving down neat rows under artificial grow lights on an eight-week schedule that takes them from little green sprigs to towering plants with big juicy buds. Horticulturist Bill Althouse takes a …
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Zakaria: Incarceration nation
I believe that pot should be legal. But living in California where "Medical Marijuana" was legal for the price of the $ 100 card from the Kush Doctor , where you could grow it or buy it at either expos or in stores, it still made little to no difference …
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The Savage Animal 04.18.12 Tales of a Modern Stoner
The two things that stoners take most seriously are their weed and their music. In this special edition of The Savage Animal Mikey MiGo takes an inside look at the life of a stoner, key hypotheticals, and concert smoking experiences.

Anders Breivik to Norway court: I killed 77 people but am not guilty
You have received your mandate from political parties which support multiculturalism. I do not acknowledge the authority of the court." The trial will turn on whether Breivik is found guilty or insane. If sane, he faces up to 21 years in prison; …
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BC town looking at large-scale medical marijuana grow-op
"We don't care if it's a rocket-launching business or a legal medical marijuana growing operation — if somebody approaches us to have some zoning bylaws amended we'll look at them carefully," Mayor John Henderson told the National Post.
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Five Scenarios When Minors Should Be Allowed to Drink Alcohol
If passed, the bill would make it legal for culinary students 20-years-old and younger to taste and spit alcohol (much like what you're suppose to do at wineries, but that rarely occurs). The goal is to allow underage culinary students to learn how to …
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Kashmiri saffron- prerequisites geographical indication
The farmers have to form an association to solve these issues and stop people selling fake product. It affects the image of Kashmir saffron. The farmers, however, are facing the major problem that is they have huge quantity of saffron lying unsold as …
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Goodell: No issue with teams spending too little in 2010
It has already been starting to feel like the WWF – fake as hell and rigged. How else would the giants with the worst rushing O and worst Passing D be able to win the superbowl, unless it's all rigged …. I hate u goodell and Mara!

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Bud Selig's lecture at UW-Madison: 10 questions we hope the commissioner was asked
By David Brown By David Brown | Big League Stew – 18 hours ago (AP)Bud Selig gave a guest lecture at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, his alma mater, on Tuesday. The commissioner established a history chair there two years ago and has often talked …
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Debbie Croft: 'Voice of the West' heard on cowboy poems
She believes cowboy poetry touches a common thread that runs through each of us, cowboy or not. "It's the voice of the real working West," she says. Her maternal grandfather, Will Hatch, was a poultry man — no kidding — in Tustin.
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Are we in red bud or dogwood winter?
We had another guardian angel watching over us this week as we rode on the edge of the storms that came through Friday. I don't know if this is red bud or dogwood winter. The red bud trees are in full bloom and I've seen dogwood trees in bloom also.
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Georgiana Vines: Armstrong making plans for law director's job
By Georgiana Vines Richard "Bud" Armstrong, winner of the March Republican primary for Knox County law director, takes the position he is not yet elected despite having no Democratic opponent on Aug. 2. But he is "benchmarking" steps to take over Sept.
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Village law enforcement changes
By 1996 Berlin was gone and Bud Chasteen was chief. Chasteen, a law enforcement veteran, was a consummate grant-writer, tapping into funds from state or federal entities to benefit the tiny village. Chasteen prepared grant applications that benefited …
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Baseball Commissioner Objects to Dodgers Bankruptcy Exit Plan
The objection is “limited” and doesn't mean Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig is reneging on his promise to help the Dodgers win court approval for its reorganization plan, which is required before the team can exit bankruptcy, MLB officials said in the …
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The Small Chance the Supreme Court Will Overturn the Health Care Act
By creating incentives to buy insurance, the act expands the national risk pool and makes it economically feasible to impose new requirements on health insurers. These include, among other things, the requirement that insurers not turn people away …
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Michael McCann: Madoff-related settlement offers benefits for New York Mets
Subject legal standards like "willful blindness" and "good faith" are also ripe for juror interpretation, thus escalating the risk of trial for the owners. Third, the settlement ends the development of the trial record.

Madoff-related settlement offers benefits for New York Mets' owners
Subject legal standards like "willful blindness" and "good faith" are also ripe for juror interpretation, thus escalating the risk of trial for the owners. Third, the settlement ends the development of the trial record.

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Shoe shot: Lowry was also such an “MJ fanatic,” his best bud, Mike Roche outfitted all the pallbearers, pals and honor guards with custom “Air Jordan” shoes decked out in green laces, a shamrock on the heel and a placard emblazoned with Lowry's …
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Age Discrimination and the Aging Workforce
By Joan S. Farrell, JD, BLR Legal Editor As the number of older workers in the American workforce grows, so does the potential for age discrimination claims against employers. The increase in the number of workers over age 55 in the workforce is due to …

Internet sweepstakes games concern Pennsylvania officials
By Jason Cato, PITTSBURGH TRIBUNE-REVIEW Jason Cato is a Pittsburgh Tribune-Review staff writer and can be reached at 412-320-7936 or via e-mail. Kenny Gibson flipped a switch at 10:59 am Thursday and overhead lights illuminated rows of computer …
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MLBPA confident in drug-testing system
By Adam McCalvy / | 03/04/12 3:00 PM EST Michael Weiner (right) with Commissioner Bud Selig (center) and MLB VP of labor relations Rob Manfred on Nov. 22. (AP) PHOENIX — Major League Baseball Players Association executive director Michael …

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Entrepreneurs scramble as banks call in loans
Mar 11, 2012 (The News & Observer – McClatchy-Tribune Information Services via COMTEX) — Bud Matthews has been battling for months to avoid foreclosure on his small company's offices in Chatham County, a scenario that he says would put him out of …
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Challenges Facing Headphones Reach All Avenues
Counterfeiting is a very real problem for many product categories, and new precautions should always be developed and utilized in order to protect both consumers and manufacturers. Val Kolton, V-Moda: As the old adage goes, “you must be doing something …
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Entrepreneurs scramble as banks call in loans
Bud Matthews owns a 1960s brick ranch home that he has expanded and renovated into offices for his businesses. BY DAVID RANII – Bud Matthews has been battling for months to avoid foreclosure on his small company's offices in …
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8 Reasons Being Married Is Just Better
Remember how much we wanted our best friend to spend every night at our house for weeks on end when we were little? Well, with marriage, you get to do that. Happily married people wake up every morning next to their best bud.
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A revolution in western desert art
Why, then, the abrupt shift away from old icons: why these shimmering surfaces awash with colour, tendrils, buds and fruit and leaves? Why these curves and arabesques, and dabs of mauvish colour: why, above all, the tree-forms, centre-stage, …
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Growing and caring for indoor plants (Part 1)
When I get a new plant, I find out what it needs to flourish. In the Pocket Encyclopedia of Indoor Plants by Age Nicolaisen, his definition of the term 'indoor plants' "… covers all foliage and flowering plants which can be cultivated indoors on …
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The once famed Indian batting line-up is now a miserable wreck
Fast forward four years down the line, the memorable World Cup triumph has been followed by the ignominy of 0-4 Test series drubbing inEngland and Australia. The defeats in the ongoing CB series signify the rough weather Indian cricket is experiencing.
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Tech Pioneer Channels Hard Lessons Into Silicon Valley Success
Jen-Hsun Huang's education in the rough environment of eastern Kentucky helped make him a tough player in the tech industry. Now Nvidia, the company he co-founded, makes powerful graphics chips that bring realistic games and movie effects to screens …
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Report on audit recommendations due
… KY (WAVE) – Tuesday is the deadline for board members at Metro Sewer District to report what changes they've made since Kentucky's State Auditor said they weren't doing business properly. Since that time, former Executive Director Bud Schardein has …
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A plea to KFC, nip it in the bud
Putting aside colour and creed, Danny Ng should initiate a civil suit against KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) and the police should also charge those responsible for criminal assault. A strong message should be sent to one and sundry that such behaviour …
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Park Sterling Corporation and Community Capital Corporation Complete Merger
Leslie M. "Bud" Baker remains the independent chairman of Park Sterling Corporation and Park Sterling Bank, and additionally assumes the position of chairman of CapitalBank. Walter C. Ayers, Larry C. Carroll, Jean E. Davis, Thomas B. Henson and Jeffrey …
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New report says regulating marijuana may reduce harm
By Carlito Pablo, October 27, 2011 From taxation to age restrictions, a new report outlines the broad features of a legally regulated market for marijuana that bears many similarities to tobacco and alcohol control. The 29-page document, Breaking the …

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Sex for Sale in Las Vegas and The Consumer Electronics Show | By Terence
And, what's more – it's completely legal! Hundreds of thousands of people descended upon this desert oasis, which has more than a bit of a reputation for being a party town, and perhaps none more so than at this time. This high profile period also …
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PRO FOOTBALL: Super-high prices for NFL's super event
Thanks to a thriving and perfectly legal resale market, premium ticket prices for the Feb. 5 event are climbing into the five figures. While a seat in the stadium's nose-bleed section is going for four times or more its face value of $ 800, …
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A silver lining for Frank McCourt?
He was on the wrong end of the most important legal decision in his bitterly contested divorce, and he's about to lose his ownership of the Dodgers in a court-ordered auction. Before it's over, his losses could add up to hundreds of millions of dollars …
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