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We review the, clothing, the electronic commerce in domestic development stage, I think we need to enter this industry, especially the audience today, mainly from the country’s 200 electronic business enterprise. Before, in taobao there before, mainly is the bud of import. Only ebay, dangdang, many other it has not appeared. 03 to after SARS, in taobao’s drive after, market began to cultivate up to to, is the first round the fire B2C. That time, a lot of media and electronic business affairs personage, wear a brand of clothes, and that is the B2C clothes, is the pioneer.

But also have a lot of problems. From the, started, we found a phenomenon, in their drive under, clothing enterprise awakening, electronic commerce is also desperately call, they envy, I costs are so high. I remember heard before the intime nets CEO, the China electronic commerce research center special researcher LiaoBin said, the entity of clothing, single product price, back and we hope share.

I think there are two main piece rise, one is brand of manufacture enterprise. Like the ningbo has very, and more recently of the big things, is the United States TeSiBangWei, the listed company called salomon Smith barney clothing, that bond purchase. Put the business turned to private companies below. Input and the expected time is long, will affect the interests of the shareholders of a listed company, etc. I think it is very learned.

From last year, is the channel capital too crazy, today also many investment agency, have received a lot of phone to say to want to come over, I said you although come over. Hope to see if there are any good project and opportunities in the new round of electronic business comes before riots, a cardiac again.

We simply review, clothing in developing electronic commerce analysis, the advantage is the necessities. Like home appliance. I bought the jingdong tens of thousands of home appliance. But not every day to buy. I can not let go home? Clothing is a necessity. Throughout the year, are full of need. Second, the traditional industry, the fabric is more appropriate. Dealers, distributors, all is very perfect. There are also many problems, such as insufficient innovation, customer demand is not enough. The opportunity here also big, electronic commerce and the users of the market development, cultivate such a big market, thanks to clean out treasure, made a great contribution. The current challenges, and foreign trade export pressure, the RMB exchange rate and so on, do a simple market analysis.

Of course, the garment industry in the electronic commerce also have an advantage, reduce cost, express. Entity shop on the network to go up. Getting the fitting room, today we have a the electronic commerce and the clothes are very close enterprise, is the compatriots on both sides of the straits of hangzhou’s dynamic digital technology Co., LTD.

Clothing industry in developing electronic commerce also have some questions, brand corporations, at present, almost all of the enterprise of our research, all talk about e-commerce. But a lot of problems without the legal to promote, one is the problem of the price, and the channel of the problems, domestic several made some exploration, like jack Jones. The products, is an outlet products and wearproof.and goods. Product inventory without guarantee packaging flaws, etc. Through the two aspects to solve. And IT’s problem, storage problem, the group issues, there are problems of the user.

So, the most popular B2C also is not to say that no problem, all have advantages and disadvantages. From simple a analysis can be seen inside, have their own problems. If you a brand, you have a product line of a single great problems. For example every guest honesty is tasted, it is their own brand. Taobao mall including getting more and more open, etc.

Listen to a lot of electronic business elite opinion and the suggestion, we sum up, the traditional clothing enterprise, be sure to follow these a few laws, have to make clear: are you doing inventory or increment of? You are as a network of sales channels, or as a strategic investment deployment?

This, I think three companies, one is America’s wal-mart, his network and the reality is flat up. The other silver with 10 home store is flat rise. SuNingYong 5 years time recreating a and the size of the same entity shop market. How to market, could no longer to purchase, a delta. Su ning development is soon, the whole su ning website is also parallel. And in many traditional enterprise, just now I said three, all is the channel very seriously, a lot of the traditional enterprise make electronic business will do, do the network, and to repair the computer to pull over, you come to tube, give you a little money, and began to do, make a so-called e-commerce sites. A little better do a subsidiary, better is to do a channel, and not strategic plan. We said before three, can give all of a little reference.

Earnings, just speak is put in this problem. Earnings of less than expected. Earlier this year, the manager of the purchase in said, B2C is come, easy go. No good strategy and scale, no strong capital, it is hard to succeed. You walk the route of the brand, like the intime nets brand line. Every guest sincere the prices of our products advantage. To many of the service today, can help us to do better development and application.

Channel is direct selling network distribution or official? Can help you deliver goods, operation. Team, is to use the traditional way or logistics way to do B2C? Do the success of, basically is listed above two points, it is to use the traditional people use the Internet to do, including jingdong in management, there are few electronic business, the Internet from and are traditional industry to come here. And time, when enter into the early, must die. And return on investment.

So, the traditional electronic commerce several marketing means of clothes, we can see: at least retailers and wholesalers, stores, adopting different tactics, cannot machine-made, can’t say clothing enterprise are all the same. We did a survey, 75% of the domestic garment enterprises of different contact network.

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