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There has been a lot of hype that goes around these days about exotic herbs, herbal smoke, herbal smoking and legal buds. It is not like these products are new, in the real essence of the word. They have been part of history for thousands of years. Some may not be aware but herbs have been used for ceremonial, religious and even medicinal purposes. In fact, historical accounts have told of ancient cultures using herbs and herbal smoke to stimulate euphoric states and relaxed feelings to enhance dreaming and in some cases, create ‘visions.’

In recent years, particularly over the past ten years or so, there is been a remarkable revival of interest shown in herbal smoking products. This is probably because people are becoming more aware of the harmful effects that regular nicotine-laden cigarette and tobacco carry with them, not to mention the legal implications of unlawful or controlled substances. A lot of smokers and marijuana users, for instance, are scampering to look for smart alternatives to tobacco and marijuana.

This is not for everyone and it is crucial that you know what herbal smoking is all about to make a well-informed decision as to whether smoking herbs is the right move for you. Perhaps the vital point to understand about herbal smoke and legal buds is that they are not ‘fake’ marijuana nor are they the same as nicotine-based tobacco.

Each smoke, legal bud and herbal smoking blend products has its own unique characteristics with different tastes and certainly varied effects. Some herbal smoke and legal buds are harsh; some are strong; others are mild and smooth. There are some varieties with evident ‘earthy’ taste; while there are also those that have extremely pungent quality. The more exotic kinds are so out-of-the-ordinary it is difficult to describe them.

The most common and frequently asked question among first time users is, ‘Will the stuff get me high?’ The truth is there is no definitive ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer to this question. Herbal smoke, legal buds and herbal smoking blends are 100% natural botanicals and does not contain any of the illegal chemicals (such as nicotine or THC) that produce marijuana-like ‘high’; hence the feeling you get from using herbal smoke will definitely not be the same as that which you experience when using illegal drugs.

The key point to keep in mind is that these smokes, herbal smoking blends and legal buds are alternatives to marijuana and tobacco. The term ‘alternative’ implies that you can use herbal smoke products in place of the more harmful tobacco products or instead of using illegal substances such as marijuana. Simply put, if you are expecting the kind of high provided by marijuana and other illegal drugs, you are going to be sorely disappointed.

The effects will vary greatly from person to person, simply for the reason that everyone is physiologically different. Each one has a different reaction to particular smokes or specific legal buds. However, these products generally provide a calming and relaxing effect. Moreover, its appeal is attributable to the unique ‘ethereal’, non-nicotine smoking experience aspect. While a small number of people are disappointed and do not feel that herbal smoke fall short of expectation, a vast majority who try these smokes find them to be enormously pleasurable, exceptionally fulfilling and tremendously satisfying.

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