why dont they do this with alcohol? they should go ask all gas stations to not sell beer and cigarettes and what about wd-40, aerosol and cleaning chemicals that stores sell that get people high? the hypocrites that people can go home drink beer and beat there wife and kids but heaven for bid that someone on spice gets high and enjoys it. They dont like not being in not in control of are lives and that we can use it and not get in trouble by them. I doubt there will be an underground sell as big as real weed but it could still be around for those who want to fell this high and go to work for the drug test. I cant wait until California legalizes cannabis so I can just get away from this bull shit. come on people I dont see people being arrested for playing sports because they might get harmed or harm other in the game. hell if someone threatens to kill you that is not enough to get arrested. They first have to kill you in order to get arrested. but it is totally backwards here with spice at least they are trying to make it that way.
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