So exactly where will all that &#39legal&#39 pot come from? Sale of pot stymied
By M. Alex Johnson, NBC News. Washington and Colorado say you can legally smoke marijuana for exciting now, but here&#39s the catch: You can&#39t legally get it. M. Alex Johnson is a reporter for NBC News. Stick to him on Twitter and Facebook. Voters in those …
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Exactly where Pot Is Legal, Dealers Brace For Corporate Takeover
Given that the new laws only legalize recreational use for marijuana users aged 21 and older, one particular dealer mentioned he or she planned to target younger buyers. “People beneath 21 will nevertheless need to get weed,” the Reddit user wrote. “High school kids are nevertheless gonna …
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Colorado pot legalization: 30 queries (and answers)
Q: Can I get somebody to support me develop? A: Yes. Amendment 64 says that &quotassisting yet another particular person who is 21 years of age or older&quot in growing, processing and transporting marijuana in compliance with the law is not illegal. The legal boundaries of that …
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