What one entity could possibly bring together Bigfoot, Cypress Hill, LSD, hydro growers, cannabis breeders, and glass blowers? How about the all-new July issue of HIGH TIMES magazine, featuring never before seen photos of the mythical Bigfoot growing his own outdoor organic buds, the triumphant return of hip hops top trichome triumvirate, a report on a huge Canadian hydro operation thats perfectly legal under federal law, a mind blowing expose on a CIA sponsored LSD attack, tips and tricks for breeding your own high-grade marijuana strain, and a full report on Las Vegas hottest glassblowing competition. Also this month, indoor organic pest control, Danny Danko answers your cultivation questions, Dan Skye uncovers some Rocky Mountain sized growrooms, and a Blackberry Kush centerfold that will melt your face, and then freeze it back into place! All in the July issue of HIGH TIMES on newsstands now! hightimes.com
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Good times a coming, forget the economic melt down, greed, corruption, war, global warming etc. Politicians should be required to think before they open their collective pie hole. Schwarzenegger stirs debate on legalizing marijuana – his proposed system of legalizing and taxing marijuana would raise an estimated .3bn a year in tax revenue. OK there has been a rash of accidents resulting in death an injury while people were texting. Now comes Marijuana – how much time should elapse between getting stoned and say flying a passenger plane, performing a medical procedure, driving, attending school? Can it be smoked in public places? At home with children around? Will an increase in Marijuana consumption lead to an explosion of obesity due to pot-heads eating every junk food in sight? If a person becomes or is habitual pot smoker will that be classified as a medical condition akin to alcoholism? These and many more questions should have scientific answers prior to any quick-fix money grab to remedy a faltering economy, anything less than that is irresponsible.
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