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Mick, Toby, Dakota, Alec — Submitted by Dee in kansas city, MO
legal bud missouri
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Reason #319,116: Mick came to us from a backyard breeder who had only one pair of Austrailian Shephers, the bloodline was very impressive. I had recently helped my 16 1/2 year old girl walk the bridge after a very long, productive life.Mick instantly fit our
family! We took him with us to the US National Championship Arabian Horse Show, along with JayJay and Hank. During the show we were in the shopping area and could not take more than a few stepps before being stopped by someone to pet the dogs. Mick was completely socialized within thrity minutes.

Unfortunately, jayJay had to be assisted across the bridge the following summer and Mick was in such mourning that we searched for another Aussie pup. Toby came to us at three months of aga to help fill that empty space that JayJay left. I had found him listed locally on Craig’s list. After numberous e-mail exchanges and telephone calls we met with his owner.
They had had the puppy only a couple weeks. After waiting for a year the young man had just
found out that his application with a legal firn in Tennessee had been accepted and they would have to make do in an apartment. They felt that it wouldn’t be the best circumstance to raise and active Aussie puppy. When he and Mick met it was like they had been bud’s from the beginning. Toby joined our growing pack in the fall of 2006.

Our German Shepherd, Hank, had been ill in 2006, having surgery to remove one of his kidneys. Once it was sent to pathology we discovered that one of his kidneys had been encapsualized in the tumor. We had Hank until the fall of 2007.

The following spring we began to look for another German Shepherd. I located Dakota on Craig’s List, when we went to meet him we took all the dogs. What we saw was a young male who had been kept chained in the backyard, with no social skills and little training. I did not see an agressive dog. We asked them to bring him out of his yeard to be introduced to the rest of the boys, Dakota was hyper, barking, etc. Mikc went up to him, gabe a couple sniffs and then turned his back and sat down completely ignoring him.

Dakota was just one of two special need German Shepherds we have taken into our family. As a member of Missouri German Shepherd Rescue I have fostered 5 outside dogs, working with them and preparing them for their forever homes. Dakota has issues with smaller dogs which we continue to work on. He loves people! Alec was our last foster who came directly from heartworm treatment and for the next month had to be kept on a leash and made to sit or lay down beside me with very little to no play time. As the worms die, there is a strong possiblity that if the dog atempes to exersise and gets
excited that a clot of dieing heartworms can block their artieries or shoot straight to the heart and kill them instantly.It was such a hard job to keep him quiet for a month. However, we built a very strong bond during that time and he adopted me. We still have issues to work on, don’t come at me with a ssquirt bottle, thinking you might be correcting him….he sees it as a threat to me. It is wiser to let me correct him by myself! Alec was a feral street dog who had no basic training, was not housebroken, was reported to be afraid of men (within an hour in our home he was in my husband’s lap). We work continually on his manners in social situations, for the most part he is a perfect gentelman, but there are sometimes when the situation just gets the best of him and we had to reestablish who is the leader. He is an absolutely regal ol’ man, who loves me and will protect me in an instant if he feels I have been threatened. We have established a very strong bond, if he is acting up all I have to do is get up shap my fingers at him and point, he will drop to the floor and usually roll over onto his back with a big grin on his face.

Adopting these dogs has givine them a home they might not otherwise have had, rules, noundries and limitations which are making them much better citizens and a joy to be around. I am very proud of my part in giving these guys a second lease on life when they might not have gotten that chance. I will continue to help those dogs who are unable to help themselves. [To submit your own reason why you love your pet, click here.]

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