A lot more Dave Ennis woes Sweeney for governor? school shooting right here 37 years
He, along with church member Shirley Bell, volunteer and substitute teacher Judith McFarland, and Pastor Sam Collazo of the New Beginning Pentecostal Church met in the basement of In His Presence last week and stated exactly what they believe is wrong and …
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Marijuana back in the news
So when he told me that the US created marijuana illegal as a substitute for generating liquor legal back in the 1930&#39s, I wondered what he&#39d been smoking. Marijuana is back in the news once more with Washington and Colorado not too long ago generating creating marijuana …
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Dan Burton On Tax Cuts: GOP Would Swallow Democratic Tax Strategy Right after
Ending the Drug War gives the government two separate budget boons. In addition to saving all the income spending investigating, prosecuting and incarcerating drug offenders, Uncle Sam could in fact regulate and tax drugs like marijuana, creating …
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