Are you hearing all about the new exciting field of Medical Marijuana and wondering how to get started? The Michigan Institute of Cannabis is hosting a two day seminar to inspire, educate, and equip you to get started in Michigan’s New Medical Marijuana industry. First you will learn the legal aspects from a prestigious Attorney of law, practicing for over 25 years. Everyone attending will leave knowing their rights and privileges of Michigan’s new law. Then, we will show you every new growing method including: cloning, organic soil growing, hydroponics, deep water culture, nutrient film technique, aeroponics, low stress training, harvesting, everything to drying and curing. You’ll also receive a greater understanding of the plant, knowing its genetics to best serve your patients needs. Then we empower you with a business plan so you can become the successful entrepreneur you wish to be. All this is happening March 6th and 7th and the Marriott in Ypsilanti, Michigan. You must register to attend. For more information and registration go to Michigan Institute of Cannabis dot com now.
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