Master Bong - HempCon San Jose 2010 Medical Marijuana Expo medical marijuana | medicinal marijuana | marijuana news | legalization marijuana | legalize weed | legalization of marijuana | legal bud | pot legalization | marijuana patients | bong smoke | 420 | THC This event was DOPE and of course MB got all the footage for this EXCLUSIVE! We were the only film crew in there so don’t expect to see footage like this anywhere else except The 420 Times magazine! Yes that’s right Master Bong is now reporting live for this magazine as well as the blog. So we will be getting into a lot more events with the press passes and cameras my friends. We got shots with tons of booths, dispensaries and a ton of cool people. There was even a medicating area outside across the street, it’s been amazing how lenient events have been with the medicating it’s a good sign in my opinion. I am super pumped to present this footage to you because we had the whole crew out filming that day! I want to say thank you to the production team who help make it all happen!!!

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