Some cool legal marijuana images:

Marijuana Law Reform June 2010 (NORML)
legal marijuana
Image by madaise
Just discovered this map regarding the legal makes use of and future interests of marijuana use, etc. Not a smoker myself, but located it intriguing. Know it could potentially help with IBS, especially, for me, crohn’s disease… Interested to see how issues play out in Ohio.

legal marijuana
Image by Neil Kremer
Last Horst shot, until I discover a lot more horses to shoot. I actually like these guys, they stand nevertheless for me when I ask and they operates on the inexpensive. 2 apples per hour.

Nederland, CO. Pop 1337. At least three legal marijuana dispensaries. But no green tea at Whistle Cafe!
legal marijuana
Image by agahran
Taken with picplz in Nederland, CO.

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