Lush One at a LEGAL cannabis grow operation for terminally ill patients, medical dispenseries, and liscenced marijuana smokers. Bustin ill OFF THE DOME freestyles and chillin. See how the Fresh Coast does it big with the best dank in the world.. Uno comes off the dome and does it every day in addition to hustlin, makin music, doin shows, managing the Fresh Coast/Coconuts TV and being co-owner/CEO of Grind Time. Shout out to and the homegirl Paris Hilton haha

**watch in hd!!** she vegged for about a week, i would have loved to go longer and make her a proper bush, but circumstances at the time forced me to flower everything. tho a little on the small side, an excellent representation of the arcata (true)trainwreck, with its tight nugs and lemony/oily smell.

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