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Today there are so many rumors online consisting of Legal Bud. Legal Marijuana is supposed to be real marijuana without the the THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). Well there is a huge debate over people wondering if this legal bud really gets you high? Some people say yes and some people Say no, How does one know without trying it for themselves.This legal weed is all over the internet and some of these manufactures push free samples to convince the customer that it works. Plenty of these Natural Herbal Buds are flowing around online and you have tons to choose from. The most popular are Jamaican Haze, Hybrid Nuggs, Hawaiian Haze, Blueberry Hybrid Bud, Dutch Haze, and a few more. The most popular out of the 5 listed above are the Hybrid Nuggs, The Hybrid Nuggs have the highest success rate of achieving and maintain a natural high.The popularity of legal weed begin when High Times Magazine started advertising it and selling it, and yes they sold tons of it! Most of the buyers were on probation and could not risk smoking regular marijuana, If they did smoke regular marijuana they could go to jail for a long period of time so they started using legal weed as a solution to their problem.These days The Drug Enforcement Agency is trying to ban Legal Weed period. People are buying this stuff and selling it on the street disguised as Legal Marijuana and its turning into a huge mess. When a user or dealer gets caught with this stuff it cost the state alot of money to send this stuff to the lab to get it tested and also cost money to setup the court trials as well.Pretty soon all this legal bud will be banned one state at a time.Click to find out more about Legal Weed

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