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Stop eating the stuff like sausages and hot dogs.Many people all over the world are now hooked on a new trend – herbal smoking, also known as legal bud smoking. Legal bud smoking involves inhaling the fumes of several herbs, after lighting them, either through specialized pipes, chillums or just by rolling them in cigarette paper.A wide variety of these herbs have been branded as legal buds. Herbal cigarettes do not contain tobacco, and hence no nicotine. Some manufacturers even claim that these herbal blends do not affect children in any adverse manner. However, health experts have a different point of view. Burning leaves release tar, which clogs the lungs over a period of time. Herbal mixtures may not be as addictive as tobacco, but they do create a craving and a desire to smoke them repeatedly. The only proven effect of herbal smoke is its numbing effect of the nervous system, but health activists still hold herbal smoke in contempt.Your day will get off with a kicking start. Rolled oats will increase your metabolism with a package of carbohydrates while the high protein in whey protein is a great booster also. The good fats, incomplete proteins, and fiber in almonds make them a perfect choice for gaining energy through increased metabolism. Yogurt serves as a digestive aid and is good for the body in general.When thinking about lunch for an energy boost, consider foods that speed metabolism rate such as a salad with turkey and spinach included. Spinach has antioxidants and turkey has proteins. Both are good for a metabolism increase. All of these snacks are foods that speed metabolism.Drinks that go good with foods that speed metabolism are coffee, green tea, and water. Coffee will speed up metabolism but there is also a concern for many about over drinking coffee. Coffee contains caffeine and also creates stains on the teeth.Try seasoning with cayenne pepper and cooking with extra virgin olive oil or canola oil. All of these are good choices for using with foods that speed metabolism rates in those who eat them.Gaining a higher metabolism rate does not have to be a hard process. The active ingredient that causes these interesting properties is a glycoprotein that bonds with your taste buds. It is theorized that this glycoprotein, aptly named miraculin distorts the shape of the sweetness receptors on ones tongue causing them to become responsive to acids rather than sugars and other sweet things.All of a sudden, sour and bitter foods begin to taste sweet. Sweet foods will not also take on a sour flavor but rather often taste sweeter as is very evident when eating foods like strawberries or oranges that are already sweet.The most fun is to be had trying out various foods that are normally too sour or bitter to ear raw such as rhubarb, grapefruit, lemons, limes and other similar foods. You will be amazed by the effect and likely will want to share the experience with your friends.Flavor tripping as it is often called is when someone hosts a party to try out different foods and see how they taste different after eating miracle fruit. This is a fun way to spend an afternoon or evening with friends and chances are this will be a completely new experience for them.

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