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Everyone loves a good movie or first-rate television show; whether it is action, comedy, drama, or a blend of all three. There is something intriguing about movies and television that makes people want to come back for more. The realism that is captured by modern cinematography is oftentimes larger than life and so believable that as the audience we are left with a yearning for something more than what we have something more like what we see in movies.

Every so often, a movie or television series is depicting subject matter pertaining to the use of marijuana. This is both a legal and logistical nightmare, which is potentially a large risk for the studio if they were to use the real thing. Not too surprisingly, Hollywood found an efficient way to resolve the problem through the use of legal buds that are of such first-rate quality that they are good enough for the big screen. Imagine, real herbal legal buds that are good enough for Hollywood. In terms of detail, having a product on the big screen is similar to having it under a microscope and for the entertainment industry the quality must be second-to-none. Leave it up to Hollywood to figure out a way to have a star-quality option when their star is unavailable.

It is great to have such a thing as legal buds, but what are legal buds ? The answer is found in a product that comes from International Oddities who provides not only Hollywood but also local smoke shops with legal buds from over 30 different hybrid plants. The International Oddities product line is as diverse and unique as the hybrids that produce them. This is made possible through their internal research and development. The result is a broad spectrum of products that may be legally purchased and smoked.

The legal buds not only look good on the big screen, but they also smoke incredibly well. They smoke so well that often times actors and crews will sit down to enjoy the calming smoke of the International Oddities product at the close of the day. What a great way to wrap-up. The next time you sit down for a cinematic experience and an actor or actress is apparently smoking a joint or is breaking-up some of the nicest-looking buds you have ever seen there is a good chance it is an International Oddities product.For many of us on the materialistic side we will never own a private jet, exotic cars, or dwell in a series of mansions. Even if materialism is not a motivating factor, there is something about movie magic and understanding how they are able to capture scenes continually that are simply out of reach for those with more modest resources. Herbal legal buds lets those of us not in the entertainment industry bring a piece of movie magic home.


The same products by International Oddities that are good enough for television and multi-million dollar blockbusters are available in an increasing number of smoke shops. One may not be able to get international press like actor Seth Rogen for seemingly smoking a joint onstage during the MTV Music Awards, which was actually legal buds , and an International Oddities product, but one can enjoy the same herbal legal buds . The publicity stunts are up to the user.

Legal Buds: What You See in the Movies, You Can Get

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