Semi-legal marijuana in Colorado and Washington: what comes next?
Legal marijuana in Washington State is likely to be as well costly to compete on the national marketplace. But prices in Colorado may well be low sufficient to make legal cannabis from Colorado retailers competitive with illicit sellers of wholesale cannabis as a …
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Obama&#39s Dedication to Sparing &quotRecreational Users&quot of Marijuana In Colorado
… arrest, and prosecute recreational marijuana customers. But Colorado and Washington didn&#39t legalize recreational marijuana use. They set up a framework for legal marijuana cultivation, for marijuana processing, and for wholesale and retail sales of …
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Smoke signals: Legal marijuana on its way in some states
And as far as public opinion goes, a nationwide Washington Post-ABC News poll this previous month discovered that whilst a slight majority of Americans do not favor legal weed, that is due mostly to the 2-to-1 opposition of folks 65 and older. The bulk of …
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