Sex for Sale in Las Vegas and The Consumer Electronics Show | By Terence
And, what's more – it's completely legal! Hundreds of thousands of people descended upon this desert oasis, which has more than a bit of a reputation for being a party town, and perhaps none more so than at this time. This high profile period also …
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PRO FOOTBALL: Super-high prices for NFL's super event
Thanks to a thriving and perfectly legal resale market, premium ticket prices for the Feb. 5 event are climbing into the five figures. While a seat in the stadium's nose-bleed section is going for four times or more its face value of $ 800, …
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A silver lining for Frank McCourt?
He was on the wrong end of the most important legal decision in his bitterly contested divorce, and he's about to lose his ownership of the Dodgers in a court-ordered auction. Before it's over, his losses could add up to hundreds of millions of dollars …
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