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The holiday season is in full swing and the Christmas season is right around the corner. You’re probably still pondering what to get your friend whose favorite shopping outlet is a smoke shop. You feel like they already have everything they need when it comes to smoking legal weed and all of the nifty accessories that come with it. If you are stumped for a holiday gift, here are some ideas to help you through the purchasing process.

For the smoker who is trying to keep up with new market trends, how about a couple packs of herbal cigarettes? The best online retailer will have a variety of different flavors and scents and a new rolling kit that comes with the pack. Your friend can heighten their rolling skills and choose which buds to use while perfecting the art. If you are unsure of which type to get him or her, some of the more popular variations include Blueberry Bud, Dro Bud and Bahli Bubble Bud. The pack is all inclusive and your friends just need a match or a lighter to start the fun.

Solid herbal smokes are another option you can look into if you are having trouble shopping for your friend. Solid smokes are best used in a traditional Hookah or a water pipe. If your friend doesn’t like to stray from the original, Stashish is a popular choice and is the original solid herbal smokes product. Stashish is 100 percent natural and it will surely provide your friend with hours of excitement. Or, if your friend has more of a sweet tooth, another option is O.P.N. solid herbal smokes.

Hopefully you have a better gift idea for the friend who has everything. Have fun shopping around and beware of any copy cat products that may be less grade quality.

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