High Times! Marijuana Legalization Receives 50 Percent Support
(Luke 20 25) As we have already seen, it was God, not government, who gave man the seed bearing herbs to use. NOBODY ON THIS PLANET HAS DIED FROM SMOKING HERB, BUT MILLIONS DIE PER YEAR FROM DRINKING ALCOHOL, THE LEGAL DRINKING “DRUG” IN AMERIKKKA AND …
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Order In with Our Caterers
“I discovered fresh Kaffir lime leaves, cardamom, star anise, fenugreek, gar am masala, lavender, fleur de sel, tillicherry black pepper, and herbs de Provence,” he said, adding that Norma Shirley served as an instrumental presence in his career. …
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Trimmer vs Machine
Burger's store can't legally sell any trimming equipment to known growers, and its trim machines, which range in price from $ 500 to $ 16000, are ostensibly intended for hops or legal herbs. Marijuana is not talked about in the store. …
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