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Back in the 60’s and 70’s, Head shops developed a mythical image owing to mysterious goings-on inside and the stories of “strange” goods that seemed to keep their guests and customers enthralled. These days, head shops are synonymous to retail outlets that deal with the sale of drug paraphernalia for using recreational drugs and modern herbs with counterculture art, music, magazines, clothes and home decors on the aside.

The term head shop was coined in San Francisco around 1966 and originated from a store selling counterculture products, aromatic herbs, legal buds and items for herbal smoking. Typical items sold in head shops include water pipes – commonly called bongs, glass pipes, pipe screens, vaporizers, rolling papers, roach clips and many more similar items.

The hippies of the 60’s and 70’s soon became environmentally conscious baby boomers; along with the waning of its popularity, head shops evolved into entertaining, preservation-aware enterprises, crammed with home items and amazing gift ideas. They nearly got wiped out until about the time when waterbeds were invented. Then people became mindful of the need to change the world’s mindset on waste and dumping, giving rise to environmentalism and green movement.

Generally, head shops do not offer illegal or unlawful products. They wouldn’t have lasted the day if such items were sold at their stores. Head shop owners are somewhat fussy about the shoppers who come to their stores and are quite sarcastic when referring to the products.

The legality of head shops in the United States borders on ambiguity; basically because the products being sold can be used for legal as well as illegal drugs. Some states have declared these paraphernalia as illegal and head shops often present the argument that the drug paraphernalia they sell are not meant for illegal activities but are only intended for use in herbal smoking, herbal legal highs and other legal substances.

The passage of state laws for medical marijuana during the early 2000’s, head shops made a strong comeback to cater to the health market’s growing demand for herbal remedies. But they are more cautious this time. So cautious, in fact that signs are posted to say that if any customer gives indications that the shop’s products are used for illegal drug activities would result in sales suspension for the given period and the customer who commits such mistake would be immediately banned from ever entering the shop again.

The most common signs, however, merely state that the products being sold are “for herbal smoking ONLY” or something like “NOT to be used for illegal substances”. Even online stores that only sell herbal smokes and legal buds exercise the same customer vigilance and meticulousness and usually require them to comply with firm disclaimers before they are allowed to purchase anything. Some shops insist on customer adherence to this requirement even before they are permitted to see the products.

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