Church Sign Epic Fails, “God Likes Weed” Edition
When God gets the munchies, does he order take out, or does he just, like, *POOF* and there&#39s some pizza there? This explains the sloth. Makes me really feel surprisingly greater about eternity in heaven too…and hungry… Yeah, I&#39m fairly certain that&#39s just the …
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14th Amendment Option: Nancy Pelosi Urges Obama To &#39Just Go Do It&#39 (VIDEO)
Research by pot legalization advocates indicate that fully legalizing weed in California would yield &lta href=&quot target=&quot_hplink&quot&gtup to $ 18 billion annually&lt/a&gt for that state&#39s government alone …
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Thanks to the New York Times, You Now Know That Zosia Mamet Lately Had
She was a &quotwild&quot teenager, which can mean anything from &quotshe spent her time smoking weed and watching films in a sweet teepee she made in her dad&#39s attic&quot to &quotshe killed like forty-seven people in the 90s and had to spend a few years lying low in …
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Q&ampA: Drug crusader Gabriel Sayegh on saving funds and lives in the drug war
Q How a lot does an ounce of weed go for in NYC these days? A I think it&#39s $ 350 to $ 450 an ounce. That&#39s a lot of income. But most men and women are purchasing in nickel and dime bags, or just adequate for a blunt. People who buy more are wealthier: They&#39re receiving …
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