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smoking implements this one hitter style pipe with dug out storage carrier mimics a commercial cigarette for users to smoke unobtrusively pipes commercial large bowl glass pipe smoking pipes sometimes called pieces or bowls can be made of blown glass wood ceramic borosilicate stone or metal fittings blown glass pipes and bongs are often intricately and colorfully designed and can contain materials that change color or become more vivid with repeated use a screen is often added to prevent small particles from clogging the channel bong main article bong a hand blown glass bong a bong is a pipe with a small water chamber known as a bubbler through which the cannabis smoke passes prior to inhalation users fill the bong with water in order to cool the smoke and filter out particulate matter sometimes also adding ice or using substances such as andy in place of water ash catchers diffusors percolators and carbon filters are being seen more and more in modern glass bongs bongs may have a hole which is covered with a finger during inhalation and then uncovered to clear the pipe of smoke slang names for this include carb short for carburetor rush hole choke clear hole or just clear shotgun and shotty joint main article joint cannabis a joint or sometimes called a spliff or a doobie is created by rolling up cannabis either manually or with a rolling machine into paper forming a cigarette like product blunt a blunt sometimes known as a gar or rillo is ground cannabis rolled with a cigar wrapper tobacco leaf blunts are usually rolled using low quality cigars or blunt wraps volcano vaporizer after filling with vapors the balloon top is ready to remove and inhale from vaporizer main article vaporizer since the delivery of thc occurs through heating rather than combustion it is possible to smoke small servings of sifted cannabis without ever igniting the herb through the use of a vaporizer this maximizes consumption of active cannabinoids while minimizing the harmful and irritating effects of actual smoke at least one study has shown that using a vaporizer results in reduced tar and carbon monoxide inhalation compared to smoking the same amount of cannabis spots main article spots cannabis an alternative vaporization method known variously as spots spotting dots hot knives knifers or blades is to compress a small amount of cannabis between two heated metal blades and inhale the resulting vapors through a tube or chimney spottle shotgun main article shotgun cannabis a shotgun also known as a backfire shotty ainer charge powerhit super or blowback refers to one user taking a hit of a joint blunt pipe or bong turning it around so the lit end or bowl is inside the mouth and blowing the hit out through the piece into the mouth of another user who sucks it in it can also mean to take a hit and blow it directly into the other person s mouth mixing with other herbs often cannabis is combined with tobacco also known as spinning batching webacco and amsterdam style or alternative smokable herbs such as hops flowers peppermint leaf etc in a joint or spliff mixing with tobacco is more common in europe and the middle east than in the americas for some users this practice is said to have an instant and more intense effect than smoking cannabis by itself but at least one source has suggested that it can lead to nicotine dependence health effects main article effects of cannabis lung cancer main article effects of cannabis cancer risk a major 2006 study compared the effects of tobacco and cannabis smoke on the lungs the outcome of the study showed that even very heavy cannabis smokers do not appear to be at increased risk of developing lung cancer while the same study showed a twenty fold increase in lung cancer risk for tobacco smokers who smoked two or more packs of tobacco cigarettes a day it is known that cannabis smoke like all smoke contains carcinogens and thus has a probability of triggering lung cancer thc unlike nicotine is thought to encourage aging cells to die earlier and therefore be less likely to undergo cancerous transformation cannabidiol cbd an isomer of thc and another major cannabinoid that also grows on cannabis has been reported elsewhere to have anti tumor properties as well however in that report some cellular abnormalities were documented showing an increase in lung cancer risk in very heavy users see also cannabis consumption cannabis drug one hitter smoking links wikimedia commons has media related to cannabis smoking http lupus webmd com news 20030415 cannabis may suppress immune system verhoeckx kc korthout ha van meeteren kreikamp ap ehlert ka wang m van der greef j rodenburg rj witkamp rf 2006 04 06 unheated cannabis sativa extracts and its major compound thc acid have potential immuno modulating properties not mediated by cb1 and cb2 receptor coupled pathways international immunopharmacology pmid 16504929 160 http www erowid org plants cannabis cannabis_effects shtml united nations office on drugs and crime 2006 world drug report 1 pp 160 187192 isbn 92 1 148214 3 http www unodc org pdf wdr_2006 wdr2006_chap2_annex1 pdf retrieved 2007 11 22 160 http www nida nih gov infofacts marijuana html http www drugabuse gov pdf parents_marijuana_ ochure pdf di a ams et al 2007 vaporization as a smokeless cannabis delivery system a pilot study pdf clinical pharmacology and therapeutics 82 http www maps org media vaporizer_epub pdf 160 cannabis use in a drug and alcohol clinic population mc ide a j 1994 http en wikiversity org wiki smoking_cessation herbal_alternatives australian government department of health national cannabis strategy consultation paper page 4 cannabis has been described as a trojan horse for nicotine addiction given the usual method of mixing cannabis with tobacco when preparing marijuana for administration a b boyles salynn ot smoking not linked to lung cancer webmed health news may 23 2006 retrieved 2009 09 05 br a b c d tudy finds no link between marijuana use and lung cancer american thoracic society may 2006 retrieved 2009 09 05 br armentano paul annabis smoke and cancer assessing the risk norml working to reform marijuana laws no publication date retrieved 2009 09 05 br v 160 160 d 160 160 e br cannabis resources br cannabis portal br general br 4 20 160 cannabis culture 160 cultivation 160 effects of cannabis 160 legality by country 160 plant indica 160 sativa br preparations br bhang 160 cannabis foods 160 cannabis tea 160 green dragon drink 160 hashish charas 160 hash oil honey oil 160 kief 160 vaporizer br usage br industrial use hemp 160 medical cannabis 160 religious and spiritual use of cannabis 160 smoking br strains br acapulco gold 160 bc bud 160 holland s hope 160 g 13 160 kush 160 netherlands weed 160 northern lights 160 panama red 160 purple haze 160 quebec gold 160 skunk 160 white widow br organizations br aamc 160 amma 160 asa 160 blcc 160 buyers club 160 ccrmg 160 crc 160 dpa 160 fca 160 gmm 160 lca 160 leap 160 maps 160 mpp 160 norml 160 ounorml 160 political parties 160 pot 160 safer 160 ssdp 160 therapeutics alliance br other br cannabidiol 160 cannabinoids 160 cannabis culture 160 endocannabinoid system 160 high times 160 delta 9 tetrahydrocannabinol 9 thc br v 160 160 d 160 160 e br recreational drug use br major recreational drugs br cannabinoids br thc cannabis 160 hashish 160 hash oil br depressants br barbiturates 160 benzodiazepines 160 ethanol alcoholic beverages 160 ghb 160 nonbenzodiazepines 160 kava br entactogens br mda 160 mdma ecstasy br hallucinogens br psychedelics br bufotenin yopo 160 vilca 160 psychoactive toads 160 dmt ayahuasca 160 lsd 25 160 mescaline peyote 160 san pedro 160 peruvian torch 160 psilocybin amp psilocin psilocybin mushrooms br dissociatives br dxm 160 inhalants nitrous oxide 160 ketamine 160 pcp 160 salvinorin a salvia divinorum br deliriants br datura 160 deadly nightshade 160 henbane 160 mandrake br opioids br codeine 160 diacetylmorphine heroin 160 hydrocodone 160 morphine opium 160 oxycodone 160 kratom br stimulants br amphetamine 160 arecoline areca 160 betel 160 caffeine coffee tea 160 cathinone khat 160 cocaine coca 160 ephedrine ephedra 160 methamphetamine 160 methylphenidate 160 nicotine tobacco 160 theobromine cocoa br culture and related topics br cannabis br 420 160 stoner film 160 spiritual use of cannabis 160 medical cannabis 160 cannabis cultivation 160 cannabis smoking br psychedelic br art 160 drug 160 experience 160 literature 160 music br other br counterculture of the 1960s 160 club drug 160 dance party 160 drug tourism 160 drug paraphernalia 160 hippie 160 party and play 160 poly drug use 160 rave 160 sex and drugs spiritual use of drugs br problems with drug use br abuse 160 addiction prevention 160 rehabilitation 160 responsible use 160 illegal trade 160 overdose br legality of drug use br international br 1961 narcotic drugs 160 1971 psychotropic substances 160 1988 drug trafficking br state level br drug policy prohibition 160 decriminalization 160 policy reform liberalization 160 harm reduction 160 demand reduction br other br designer drug 160 drug possession 160 drug test 160 hard and soft drugs 160 narc 160 war on drugs br lists of countries by br alcohol consumed 160 cannabis legality annual use 160 lifetime use 160 cocaine use 160 opiate use 160 tobacco smoked br categories cannabis smoking cannabis smoking tobacco cessation

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