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*Prop 215, SB420 Legal Cannabis Medicine* Cannabis seeds, safe and discreet @ tinyurl.com Sup, this is a video on how to make Green Dragon tincture, some easy way to make good use of your trim. Very potent and long lasting stuff, hope you enjoy! Dont forget to subscribe and thumbs up! From Master Wu himself: “Process details—references and rationalizations: 1. Chop the cannabis More surface area gives means a faster and more efficient extraction. 2. Bake the cannabis. This converts THCA to THC via a decarboxylation reaction. In whole-plant cannabis, THC content is expressed as THCA (tetrahydrocannabolic acid) prior to decarboxylation into THC, which takes place when cannabis is heated during cooking, and smoked or vaporized ingestion. THCA is a mild analgesic and anti-inflammatory but does not have good affinity with our CB1 receptors, so in order to make a THC-rich tincture that has many of the same therapeutic effects as smoked ingestion (including rapid absorption, quick relief and ease of self-titration), we must convert the THCA in the plant matter into THC prior to extracting it through an alcohol soak. (from Vancouver Island Compassion Society thevics.com THC vaporizes at about 380°F. We want to heat the cannabis to convert THCA to THC, but keep the temperature under 380°F. That is why 325°F is used. Between four and five minutes your oven (and house) will start to smell very strong. This is the time to remove the cannabis from the oven. Notice also that there is
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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