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Imagine this. You have decided to start your online empire. You build a comprehensive website that not only sells your products, but also promotes your blog. You also decide to create several social networking sites, and you add their widgets to your website. You do lots of online promotion, using all of the usual online marketing tactics that marketers use in order to get your brand name out there. You’ve even set up a YouTube account. Then, you set back and wait for all of the positive feedback that is coming your way, right?

Well, not so fast. What if you find out that people have been talking about you behind your back? What if you find that people say that the products that you sell are junk. Or, what if they say that you offer horrible customer service. They might be saying that your blog is a joke. People can and will say anything about anyone that they wish. The internet not only makes creating a bad reputation or starting a smear campaign easy, but the process spreads all over the world. There used to be a time when an individual or a business owner worried about their bad reputation in their community. Now with the internet, the whole world is a community.

One could see how easily their good name or company brand could be ruined. However, there is a tool to help combat smear campaigns. This tool is called online reputation management. This process works when a reputation management company plugs in their client’s information in search engines. They seek out negative remarks and smear campaigns that are being used against their clients. The let their client know about these negative internet entries. Then, they work with the client to make sure that great comments are being used on the internet against the negative entries.

It’s always best to try to be proactive about one’s online reputation. While everyone is not out to get you, you never know what enemies or jealous people have to say about you. Therefore, it’s always great to go to the professionals who can block off negative campaigns at the beginning. How this works is that the online reputation management team will search on search engines, social networking sites, blogs, comment sections, forums or on other online entities to find any negative comments about their clients. When the team finds these negative comments, they will start out by asking the author of the negative comments to remove the items. Sometimes this works, but sometimes this doesn’t work.

Unfortunately, the online reputation management team can’t take legal action against the haters who are posting negative information. However, this can be used as proof if you, the smear campaign victim, wants to take the offending parties to court. The key for overcoming these online attacks is to catch them as early as possible. Also, the online reputation management team can create lots and lots of good online press on the behalf of their clients. Since newer information will show above older information, the newer information will capture online attention before the older, negative information does.

If you find out that your reputation has been trashed way after the fact, don’t despair. Your reputation is still manageable. Your online reputation management team will go into overdrive by creating lots of positive online buzz for you. They will create so much positive online press, no will but the most uber motivated online surfer will find links to the old, negative information. But since perception is reality, people will tend to believe the overwhelming positive remarks.

Smear campaigns sometimes can’t be avoided. Even the most generous, kind, and prosperous people might find themselves the victim of an online smear campaign. However, these can be nipped in the bud with the help of an effective online reputation management company.

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